My name is Shelby and I'm a 24 year old soccer-obsessed, travel, fitness, motor sports, beauty, writing, action movie, and Mustang-lover focusing on environmental portraits.

I graduated from Kent State University with a BS in Engineering Technology in 2016 while simultaneously teaching myself and honing photography and storytelling skills thanks to tackling a "52 Weeks" conceptual self-portrait project on Flickr in 2011.

You can find me playing soccer on any field I can get my cleats on, learning all I can about things I dig on YouTube, and continuing to develop skills in photography, fitness, personal training, mechanical engineering and racing, makeup art, fashion/automotive shooting, blogging and filmmaking just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Let's make something [beautiful/badass/colorful/timeless/innovative/inspiring] 
together. xx


{Welcome to the tentative new website for all future  work! To view my wedding portfolio, please click HERE.}

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